The Icelandic nature has often been praised for its ruggedness, moonlike surfaces and awe-inspiring shapes. Imagine a piece of its raw energy combined with the most refined of substances. Gullkúnst does just this.

The store sells almost exclusively the owners’ own design, along with a few imported pieces. It has classical pieces such as pearls and neat German watches, but their main focus is on the possibilites provided by the Icelandic landscape. One of the trademarks of Gullkúnst is the combination of a rough element with the highly polished look of a diamond or gold. In their work, stones from the shores – smoothed by the sea’s incessant rolling – pieces of lava and raw and coarse silver are a reoccurring feature.

Always seeking new ways of expression, one of Gullkúnst’s latest designs is the pairing of the colours characteristic of the hot spring areas with a precious stone. A new line, which is now being developed, features raw diamonds in different combinations – totally unpolished and straight from the mines. This refreshing design succeeds in being elegant with a modern, captivating twist.

Find this appealing mixture of polished sophistication and unprocessed, natural substances at Laugavegur 13. 


Laugavegur 13
tel. 561 6660