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gull og silfur

Gull og Silfur

The jewelers at Gull & Silfur offer their customers exquisite pieces of jewelry and excellent service. A family-owned and run business, it focuses on classical jewelry. Tradition is rich within the business,  with three generations of goldsmiths. 

In line with this tradition, their designs are delicate and elegant with pearls and diamonds, gold and silver often being the material of choice. Always seeking to provide new and inspiring designs without breaking with their traditions their work ranges from the most classical and sophisticated of pieces to fresh, modern designs. Some pieces feature rougher stones forged with beautiful settings. All jewellery is designed by Gull & Silfur and forged in the store.

A part of their service for customers is custom-made jewellery. Quite a large part of the production are custom-made pieces, with the store’s designers tending to customers’ wishes and creating the piece of their dreams – whatever it may be. The exclusivity of custom-made jewellery is one of the store’s trademarks and what they take pride in offering. Apart from catering to customers’ needs, Gull & Silfur have also been asked to design other objects, ranging from a fly fishing fly in gold and platinum to the trophy for the Icelandic Acting Award – a beautiful, modern design on display in the Laugavegur store.


Laugavegur 52
101 Reykjavík
Tel: 5520620