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Hrím Hönnunarhús  and Hrím Eldhús are sister stores specialising in Nordic design for your entire home. The original Hrím Hönnunarhús [Hrím Design House] features a wealth of personal, home and office accessories from a range of Icelandic and international designers, all adhering to a very clean and modern aesthetic.

Following in the successful footsteps of the flagship, Hrím Eldhús [Hrím Kitchen] opened up the street and is a dream for anybody looking to deck their kitchen out with the most stylish Scandinavian utensils, flatware, and accessories around.


Laugavegur 25 (Hrím Hönnunarhús) & Laugavegur 32 (Hrím Eldhús)

101 Reykjavík

Tel. +354 553 3003