Protect Yourself with clothing from 66°NORTH.

Icelanders have been thankful for 66°NORTH for a long time. Since 1926 the company has dedicated itself to protecting the Icelandic people. If you have yet to find yourself in the midst of a blizzard on what started out as a sunny day in June, you might have trouble understanding this. Icelanders do.

66°NORTH recognises that for a company designing outerwear for all occasions, they have the most perfected test laboratory in the world - the country itself. Icelanders are long used to fighting the elements while simultaneously seeking to coexist with them. Every expedition through the years - on sea or land - has had an uncertainty to it: will we be caught in a blizzard? 66°NORTH have been aware of this from the start.

At first, the company made protection wear for fishermen - an occupational group always at the mercy of the forces of nature. It didn't take 66°NORTH long to move on to outdoor wear for the country's ever vulnerable population. A few years after its founding, the company was producing coats, jackets and work apparel for men and women. In the years since its foundation, the company has seen many revolutions within the outerwear industry: most noticeably the development of fleece and hi-tech breathable materials.

66°NORTH'S outdoor clothing provides the wearer with a protection shield against the forces of nature. Three keywords have sprung from the company's dedication to all kinds of outdoor activities: 66°NORTH wants to provide outdoor enthusiasts with protection, comfort and endurance. Producing 90% of their gear, 66°NORTH has succeeded in fulfilling their aim and their outerwear is highly appreciated among outdoor enthusiasts. When contestants in the American show 'Amazing Race', watched by viewers all over the world, reached Iceland and braved the unkind elements, they all wore the best gear available: 66°NORTH.

Living in the extreme Icelandic weather conditions, with weather often changing from sun to rain to sleet to snow to sun within an hour, 66°NORTH know that versatility is of major importance in the design of outerwear. But they also know that different activities require outerwear that perfectly suits the conditions in question. Thus, their lines include high performance gear, active wear, travel and leisure clothing and inner clothing.

While the active wear consists of a versatile line of excursion apparel and skiwear, the high performance gear is 66°NORTH'S most advanced clothing. This gear is tested by the company's most demanding clients: the Icelandic Rescue Team and a selection of athletes. 66°NORTH'S collaboration with the Rescue Team means that the gear is tested in the roughest of conditions - when the rest of the Icelandic population relies on the safety of their homes to fight the cruel weather. Designing outerwear for the Rescue Team also means that the clothes need to be perfectly comfortable due to the long time spent in blistering storms and hard physical activity. The travel and leisure line consists of all-round sportswear, perfect for either travel or daily wear.

The company has another test ground for equally demanding customers. Icelandic children benefit from the country's safe society and therefore spend more time outside than children in other countries. If they were to wait for the sun to come out, or even come up, Icelandic children would spend most of their time inside. 66°NORTH provides Icelandic children with clothes to fight the weather, allowing them to enjoy the riches of outdoor life.

Today, Icelanders are far from the only ones to benefit from 66°NORTH'S high-performance outerwear. The company has 6 stores in Iceland, with a brand new one in Bankastræti, the main shopping street. The Scandinavian market has embraced their designs, and the 66°NORTH products can be found in many places in both Sweden and Norway. Recently, the company has reached new levels through its contract with the world renowned chain called Urban Outfitters. Their gear can now be found in many locations in stores such as Urban Outfitters in America.

The 66°NORTH clothing, tested on the most demanding customers of all, suits all kinds of outdoor activities as well as being perfectly comfortable daily wear.


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