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66°NORTH is almost synonymous with Icelandic outerwear. Since 1926 the company has dedicated itself to protecting the Icelandic people from the elements with their clothing specifically designed to combat the harsh Icelandic elements.

Established first as a company developing outerwear for Icelandic fishermen, 66°NORTH has since expanded its line to cater to practically every weather event that one can experience in Iceland. 

Living in the extreme Icelandic weather conditions, with weather often changing from sun to rain to sleet to snow to sun within an hour, 66°NORTH know that versatility is of high importance in the design of outerwear. But they also know that different activities require outerwear that perfectly suits the conditions in question. Thus, their lines include high performance gear, active wear, travel and leisure clothing and under clothing.

While the active wear consists of a versatile line of excursion apparel and skiwear, the high performance gear is 66°NORTH'S most advanced clothing. This gear is tested by the company's most demanding clients: the Icelandic Rescue Team and a selection of athletes. 66°NORTH'S collaboration with the Rescue Team means that the gear is tested in the roughest of conditions. Designing outerwear for the Rescue Team also means that the clothes need to be perfectly comfortable due to the long time spent in blistering storms and hard physical activity. The travel and leisure line consists of all-round sportswear, perfect for either travel or daily wear.


Bankastræti 9

101 Reykjavik
Tel. 517 6020

Kringlan Shopping Mall
103 Reykjavik
Tel. 533 6066