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The natural surroundings in Borgarbyggð are exceptionally beautiful and there are many interesting sights to visit. You can feel the presence of history in this area and there are many interesting historical places to visit like Borg, Mírum, Daníelslundur, Einkunnir, Grábrók, Bifröst, Glanni and Paradísarlaut.

The town of Borgarnes is a center for communications, trade and services in this area. There you will find shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, camping sites, a good swimming pool, sports facilities, etc.

Just outside of Borgarnes you will find a 12-hole golf course and excellent opportunities for horse riding. There are many horse rentals and riding schools and great trails to explore. In the Varmaland area there is another good swimming pool and camp site.

A warm welcome will await you in to Borgarbyggð, where you can experience adventures of the present day and explore our amazing history. We are situated close to Reykjavik and northbound Highway 1 takes you to us after only an hour's drive through breathtaking scenery.


Borgarnes and surrounding Places
Borgarbraut 11
310 Borgarnes
Tel. 437 1224
Fax. 437 1024