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Iceland: pure, untamed nature, unbridled space, impressive waterfalls, home to one of the world's most powerful geysers. When visitors describe the country they are hard pressed to find the right words for the geysers and hot springs at the Geysir area: a spectacular water fountain, a hot water source, spouting to the heavens. You just have to see it to believe it.

For someone who has never seen a geyser, the sight is overwhelming. This landmark of Iceland is a spectacular natural phenomenon beyond description. Walking about this natural wonder, one experiences the intensity of the forces of nature. Night time offers a fascinating view of the bubbling hot springs. A pot of boiling water takes on new dimensions.

Good food, pleasant accommodations in many different variations, relaxation in the swimming pool or hot tub, and the opportunity, to inform yourself about all of the wonders of Iceland. This is all offered by the family operation directly opposite the thermal fields with Geysir and Strokkur. The Geysir Center consists of a whole building complex with restaurant, hotel, swimming pool, souvenier shop, snack shop, gas station, multimedia show, horse rental, 4 wheels quad, and camping area. Therefore it is not just perfect for vacationing, it's also good for day trips.


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