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Located in Northeast Iceland is the municipality of Skagafjörður, where you can find a wide variety of recreational opportunities. This is ideal environment to become acquainted with the small but sure-footed Icelandic horse or try river rafting, sea kayaking, bird watching or hiking. This area is also rich in history, and is a great place to learn about the country, its people and the way of life. 

Skagafjörður is spoken of as the cradle of the Icelandic horse, since the first horse mentioned in the Icelandic sagas was from Skagafjörður. Several operators offer various organised horse rides and it is even possible to hire a horse for use on your own. 

Anglers should be able to find plenty to interest them as eels, arctic char, brown trout and salmon can be caught in the lakes and rivers, while fat salmon trout and even cod can be caught from the seashore. Hunters can also find worthy targets among the numerous geese, ducks, ptarmigans and seabird species that Icelanders hunt.

Skagafjörður offers a variety of routes for walking, cycling or riding in the amazing natural beauty. For those who like climbing mountains, innumerable possibilities present themselves, such as Tindastóll, Mælifellshnjúkur and Glóðafeykir, along with a wealth of other peaks in one of Iceland's largest mountain ranges, on Tröllaskagi.  4WD tours through the highlands are also popular leisure options for those who like feeling a surge of adrenalin.

If more leisurely outdoor activities appeal to you, you should also find something appropriate. A nine-hole golf course is set in attractive landscape at Sauðárkrókur. Swimming pools and excellent spots for bird-watching are also in the environs as well fine museums and historical sites. 


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