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Fjarðabyggð, the largest community of east Iceland, is an interesting place to visit, where you will experience a relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by towering mountains, rugged wilderness and breathtaking sights. 

Fjarðabyggð was established in the year 1998, when three towns of the East Fjords, Eskifjörður, Neskaupsstaður and Reyðarfjörður merged into one municipality. A wide variety of activities, from hiking, golfing, horseback riding to swimming and museum strolling are found in the towns and their surroundings where everyone should find something to suit their taste.

Fjarðarbyggð is a dream place for any outdoor activity. A country park at Neskaupsstaður is renowned for its amazing natural beauty and undisturbed wild life, as well as the country park Hólmanes, located between Eskifjörður and Reyðarfjörður. These places are ideal for hiking tours where visitors can enjoy the Icelandic wilderness in its purest form. 

Many other interesting sights can be spotted in Fjarðarbyggð. The majestic mountain Hólmatindur at Reyðarfjörður, the mountain Gerpir near Neskaupsstaður, which is the easternmost part of Iceland, and the Iceland spar mine, Helgustaðanámur to name a few.

For those who want to have a more relaxed holiday, various exciting exhibitions are on display in Fjarðarbyggð. The east Iceland Maritime Museum at Eskiförður tells the history of seafarers in the east of Iceland. 

The Natural History Museum in Neskaupsstaður offers a good collection of birds, shellfish and stones. In Neskaupstaður you will also find the Maritime and Carpenter museum which are located in the same house as the Tryggva museum which shows various paintings of the artist Tryggvi Ólafsson. 

The Icelandic Wartime Museum in Reyðarfjördur consists of an exhibition on the World War II era from an Icelandic viewpoint.

The eastern part of Iceland is a must see attraction and Fjarðabyggð, which offers all kinds of services for the traveller, therefore an occasion for a special trip. Excellent facilities for camping, fine hotels and farmhouse accommodations are also provided in the community, for those who want to spend a night in this adventurous and mountainous area.


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