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Kópavogur (pop. 26,000) is the second largest community in Iceland after Reykjavík, and the fastest-growing one too. An independent township, it lies in the geographical centre of the Greater Reykjavík Area, only ten minutes drive from downtown Reykjavík.

Kópavogur was mostly a farmland until the 1930s. The town has grown steadily and rapidly ever since but is not merely a residential area, as more than one thousand companies operate there today, mainly in services and light industry, and massive development is still going on.

The modern dome of Kópavogur Church - the town's emblem - dominates the skyline to the south of Reykjavík. On the same hilltop are Kópavogur Art Museum (Gerðarsafn) an elegant, spacious museum built in 1985 to house the works of modern sculpture pioneer and glass artist Gerður Helgadóttir.

One of Iceland's finest collections of molluscs and crustaceans is on display at the Natural Science Centre in Kópavogur town centre. The centre also houses impressive collections of rocks and birds, and includes four tanks with live fish and marine life.

In Kópavogur you will also find Smáralind, the largest shopping mall in Iceland, Not all of Kópavogur is urban, however. Paths for pleasant walks lie through the "green belt" on either side of town, extending all the way to Lake Elliðavatn on the border of Reykjavík's Heiðmörk nature reserve.


The Town Hall
Fannborg 2
200 Kópavogur
Tel. 570 1500
Fax. 570 1501