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Hafnafjörður - the town in the lava

Hafnafjörður is about 20 minutes south of Reykjavík and is well worth a visit. This friendly town, built in the lava right by the coast and surrounded by natural beauty, is a thriving fishing community whose history goes back many centuries. Its name simply means 'harbour fjord' and refers to the excellent natural harbor that is always filled with boats.

In Hafnarfjörður, various outdoor activities are available, from golf and swimming to horse riding and whale-watching. Museums and galleries turn the spotlight on history, music and visual arts. And every summer, hordes of Norsemen invade the town for the annual Viking Festival, held usually in mid June. The restaurant Fjörukráin, decorated in an old Viking style, offers an entertaining Viking feast every day.

The town center and its environs is ideal for hiking tours of all sorts. You can explore the northernmost bonsai collection in the world in Hellisgerði park, the volcanic mountain Helgafell and Lake Hvaleyrarvatn to name a few.

Natural attractions are everywhere and the magnetism that characterizes the town is almost indescribable. Some even say that elves and hidden people live in the rocks and cliffs in Hafnafjörður. Guided "hidden worlds" tours around the town area are always popular and you might even see some mysterious beings on the way. A special exhibition, dedicated to elves and "hidden people" is on display at the town museum where you can end your trip and learn more about these special inhabitants.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 8:00-17:00.
June, July, August also open on
weekends 10:00-15:00.


Town of Hafnarfjordur
Strandgata 6
220 Hafnarfjördur
Tel. 585 5555