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Lifandi Markaður

Lifandi Markaður

Lifandi Markaður: for a healthy life The bright and spacious Lifandi markaður store paves the way for a brand new and healthier life.

Lifandi Markaður puts its pride in providing all the best brands of organic products without any additives, along with lactose, gluten or yeast free diets. A wide range of options coming from a broad variety of food products are presented to every customer, with a special guidance from a skilled staff. Apart from this, a specially trained advisors and practitioners lecture in the store on scheduled hours.

The hallmark of Lifandi Markaður is the very popular luncheonette, with a salad bar included, where a fully prepared, tasty and nutritious meal is always available without any unhealthy additives such as white sugar or white wheat. In addition, customers can try the quality Icelandic herb tea or fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, where the popular wheatgrass juice is always recommended. The dining halls offer the perfect ambiance of a noiseless and relaxed.


Borgartúni 24
105 Reykjavik
Tel.+354  585 8700