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Grillmarkaðurinn, or Grill Market, is an upscale restaurant nestled in the very heart of Reykjavík. Housed in a reconstructed historical building, Grill Market offers culinary precision by talented chefs Hrefna Rósa Sætran and Guðlaugur P. Frímannsson, who use fresh local ingredients to create a wide array of delectable dishes.

On the menu you'll find interesting choices like duck salad, crispy traditional fish and squid, minke whale, glacier trout, and peanut “steak“, just to name a few. Choose from either individual menu offerings or multi-course meal options.

After a satisfying meal, retire to the sleek but relaxing bar on the lower floor. A variety of exciting cocktails are on offer and there is an excellent selection of wines.


Lækjargata 2A
101 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 571-7777