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The Laundromat Café

The Laundromat Café

The Laundromat Café is a popular diner-style cafe located in the heart of Reykjavik, famous for its kitschy décor, homemade food, generous brunch plates and—last but not least—its self-serve laundry machines.

First established in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark, The Laundromat Café’s Reykjavik location opened in March 2011.

The concept of the Laundromat was built around multitasking—it’s a place where locals and travelers alike can read, do laundry or surf the web all while enjoying a tasty meal or a cup of The Laundromat’s famously fresh coffee.

The Laundromat Café offers a varied menu with homemade food, healthy juices, milkshakes, coffee and tea, desserts, wine and a wide selection of beer…all served with a smile. Also available is an eclectic selection of magazines and newspapers along with over 6000 books lining the shelves of their counter, which are for sale. Guests can also play Yatzee, backgammon, chess or cards.

And you can bring the kids! Both locations in Copenhagen and Reykjavik are family-friendly with a playroom for the kids and a children’s brunch option.


Austurstræti 9
101 Reykjavík
Tel. 587 7555