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Tourist life can be hectic. Running around between museums, shops and hotel rooms, aching feet can scream for a chance to sit down. And chill out. In that case, b5 is the place to go.

The bistro and lounge is the newest addition to the Reykjavík bar and restaurant flora. In it’s welcoming and bright surroundings, visitors can lounge on the big sofas or sit by the bookshelves to enjoy a cup of coffee.

The bistro offers light Scandinavian courses at affordable prices. It focuses on the best of Icelandic products and highlights whatever is in season at the moment. After the kitchen closes in the evening, light snacks and treats will still be available to the peckish. On the same note, the high quality coffee comes from a devoted Icelandic manufacturer

B5 offers a friendly, low-key environment amidst stunning designs, setting the stage for a relaxing atmosphere. With b5’s soft ambience/house music in your ears, you are welcome to use the wireless internet free of charge or leaf through one of the books. You could even write one without anyone raising an eyebrow. The wine list focuses on wine by the glass, with an emphasis being put on different grapes. It has five sorts of red and white wine each, and also presents glasses of rosé and sparkling wine. 


Bankastræti 5
101 Reykjavík
Tel. 552 9600