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Við Fjöruborðið

Við Fjöruborðið

Try the unique taste of the Icelandic lobster in an idyllic atmosphere.

The Icelandic lobster is a unique phenomenon with a truly delicious taste which is beyond compare and the ideal choice for any gourmet. The cold temperature of the Atlantic Ocean is the reason why the Icelandic species are generally much smaller in size compared to the lobster in the southern parts of the world. According to the tradition, Icelanders serve only the tail of the creature, but average 1 kilo box usually carries about 20-30 (12-15 per. pound) of such pieces. Nevertheless, the biggest tails can consist of 14-18 in a kilo (7-9 per. pound).

Very close to a rocky shoreline on the south coast, about 60 km from Reykjavík, you can find the idyllic and friendly little fishing village Stokkseyri. The pride of the village is Við fjöruborðið (At the seashore), which is one of the most highly acclaimed lobster restaurants in Iceland. Its existence as the “gourmet sanctuary of the south” is surely reason enough to visit Stokkseyri. Við fjöruborðið has a room for 250 people in three separated halls. Visitors can expect to be treated with a royal reception. Apart from few meat- and vegetable courses, the menu is actually very straightforward and based on selections between three different portions of lobster, which are 250 gr, 300 gr and 400 gr. The cookery aims at preserving a unique taste by frying this delicate raw-material only in garlic and butter, and presenting it with not too many trimmings. All of the bread is homemade and served with delicious sauces made of secret recipes. The Icelandic lobster is very nourishing, but if there is any room for a desert, an Icelandic chocolate cake is highly recommended to end a perfect meal.


Eyrarbraut 3a
825 Stokkseyri
Tel:+354 483 1550