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Kaffi Krókur

Kaffi Krókur

Kaffi Krókur offers all types of restaurant service. Our cooks are professionals, and we make every effort to provide the best possible service.

Among other things, we offer a varied ý la carte menu, excellent coffee and desserts, a special menu of the day, and a soup and salad bar. Sauðarkrókur is a town in the Skagafjörður district whose original inhabitants were Danish merchants and local craftsmen, seamen, and shop assistants. Later arrivals came mainly from the Skagafjörður district, which determined the town's character. People also moved here from neighboring districts and towns, as well as other parts of the country. Sauðarkrókur has grown rapidly at times, although the increase has normally been stable and constant.

The house was built in 1887 by Vigfús Guðmundsson Melsteð. Four Skagafjörður district magistrates lived here. The first was Jóhannes Ólafsson, who was father to Alexander, president of the University of Iceland, after whom the Skagafjörður airport is named. The house was also the home and shop of the watchmaker J. Franch Michelsen, and thus the childhood home of the Michelsen brothers. Kaffi Krókur can seat up to 120 guests.We also cater social occasions of various kinds, held on other premises.


Aðalgötu 16
550 Sauðakókur
Tel. 453 6299