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Hotel Hekla

Fossotel Hekla

Relaxed and rural atmosphere with a volcanic view.

Hotel Hekla is a charming countryside hotel, about 75 km east of Reykjavík, by highway 30. A drive from Reykjavík takes only about an hour and from the airport it takes only an additional half hour drive. A trip to Hotel Hekla is an ideal icing on the cake to end or begin a perfect journey to Iceland.

Hotel Hekla is operated in a new building which formally opened in 2003 north of the town Selfoss. It is situated on a rural and peaceful southern plain with a sensational mountain view. The name is derived from the famous volcano, Hekla, which is the most prominent mountain to every visitor who stays at the hotel. In ancient times it was superstitiously believed, throughout Europe, that Hekla was really "The Gateway to Hell" for all lost souls. Since 1970 it has frequently erupted.

The cuisine at Hotel Hekla is presented in an international manner , but based on all the best Icelandic ingredients and raw-material. The specialty of the house is a fresh game, Icelandic lamb and a variety of delicious fowls and seabirds such as geese, ducks, puffins, gannets and auks. All raw-material of calves and piglets comes from a special breed which is raised on the milk of their mothers instead of typical animal feed. The result is a much softer and more natural taste of the meat. The southern countryside in Iceland is renowned for its fruitfulness, which means all the trimmings are fresh all year around.

Hotel Hekla offers 37 very comfortable rooms, each with a private bathroom and a television set and a wireless internet connection. The restaurant hall has a room for 120 people. Hotel Hekla is also ideal location for various meetings or conferences. Two conference rooms are available. One of it can accommodate 50-60 people. The room is very well equipped with a VCR, DVD and an overhead projector.


801 Selfoss
Tel. 486 5540