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American Style

American Style

The American Style family restaurants are probably the most popular and beloved in its field in Iceland. The menu adopts the “all-american” model for any such casual dining establishment, but it brings an Icelandic flavour to the tradition.

The menu reflects the typical roadside fastfood joint, putting its pride in the specialty of the house: The American Style char-grilled, juicy hamburgers, available in many different versions and for a very reasonable price. The menu also consists of a selection of sandwiches, pitas, broiling steak, chicken salad and fried fish presented the Icelandic way. High quality standards have put American Style in a league of itsown, far beyond traditional fast food places.

Today American Style restaurants consist of a chain of four branches in Hafnafjörður, Kópavogur and Reykjavík, where actually two restaurants are operated. The American Style branch at Skipholt is very close to Hotel Nordica, Hotel Ísland and the Youth Hostel in Laugardalur. The Hafnafjörður branch is a great place for a quick stop on your way to or from the airport.

A visit to American Style is perfect for a quick, casual bite. Families will enjoy the children's play spaces provided in each location.


Tryggvagata 26, 101 Reykjavík

Dalshrauni 13, Hafnarfjörður
Tel. 555 6610

Bíldshöfða 14, Reykjavík
Tel. 566 5007

Nýbýlavegur 22, Kópavogur
Tel. 554 6085

Skipholt 17, Reykjavík
Tel. 568 6838