Indulge your taste buds in the flavors of Iceland by trying out local cuisine and traditional dining places. Iceland, in particular the Reykjavik area, offers a diversity of restaurants that satisfy all taste and budgets, from traditional Nordic cuisine to international flavors. Our travel guide includes a list of top restaurants divided in various categories like; American Cuisine, International Cuisine, Italian Cuisine Oriental Cuisine, Hotels, Seafood, Vegetarian Cuisine, Fast Food, Cafés & Bars and restaurants around the Country. For more information about Iceland´s amazing gourmet go to our travel guide.


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Dining in Iceland

Sampling the local cuisine and traditional delicacies is a must for all visitors to Iceland. We  recommend trying the creamy, rich dairy products, like the popular yogurt-like skyr, grilled free-range lamb and seafood caught fresh from the Atlantic Ocean. Even the Icelandic hot dogs are considered by many to be "best in the world!"

Modern Icelandic cuisine is similar to what you might find in North America, Western Europe and particularly in Scandinavia. However, in Reykjavík you will find a range of dining options to satisfy all tastes and budgets, from traditional Nordic fare to international flavours.  

We've recommended some restaurants, cafés and bars in various categories below:


1. Grillmarkaðurinn
Grillmarkaðurinn is one of the city’s most trendy restaurant located in a Art Nouveau style building in center Reykjavik.

2. Bæjarins Beztu
A small hot dog stand, located near the old harbor in Reykjavík, with the best hot dogs you'll ever find. Try it and see!

3. Sushisamba
Sushi Samba blends Japanese and South American culinary traditions right here in Reykjavík along with the accompaniment of unique music from the period when many Japanese people moved to Brazil.