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Mecca Spa

Mecca Spa

Wealth without health is meaningless. We invite you to enjoy life more fully and very likely live longer, with the Mecca Spa experience. Whether it is pampering or weight loss, stress reduction or relaxation, every facet is catered for here. As a dedicated health resort, Mecca Spa provides a controlled enviroment where actual benefits can be gained and where a healthy snack and beverages can be served as well.

We at Mecca Spa have created a new view in people's minds of health care. The elegant look and first rate technical equipment is important but not the main issue. The mood and atmosphere at the spa is the main point.

Mecca Spa is a paradise of health where you can enjoy top quality health and body treatments. Facilities include a jaccuzzi, with substances from the sea, a sauna and a steam bath. All guests receive a towel, robe and slippers which underlines the laid-back atmosphere aimed at allowing one to forget the stresses of daily life.

There is a workout centre where emphasis is on each person concentrating on their own needs. In addition there is an array of spa and massage treatments, such as the Mecca Lava, Iceurmeda, Saga Massage and Volcan Massage. Well-being is our business and our aim is a satisfied customer. Our well trained staff see to that.

What makes Mecca Spa so special in its field is a considerably higher degree of service than is usual, a specially developed quality system with certain standards for work, service, communication, cleaning, safety and quality along with continuing ecucation of staff members.

Mecca Spa is a true temple of health. If you would like to take good care of your health and looks, get into shape or pamper yourself, coming to us is a good idea.


Radison SAS Hótel Saga
Hagatorgi 1
107 Reykjavík
Tel: 564 1011 & 511 6410