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The Icelandic Saga Centre

The Icelandic Saga Centre

A trip into the middle Ages through the Sagas.

The Saga Centre in Hvolsvöllur was opened in 1997 and the guests are offered a guided tour through the exhibition on the Njál´s Saga and the viking age. In the heart of the building there is a reconstruction of a medieval hall.

From the time they adopted the Latin alphabet in the twelfth century the Icelanders have been prodigious writers and record keepers. Njál´s Saga is by far the longest of the forty family sagas written in Iceland in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and and over the years it has proved to be the favorite. The saga teems with life and action, with memorable and complex characters from the heroic Gunnar of Hlíðarendi , a warrior without equal who dislikes killing, to his friend Njáll, known for his wisdom, his gift at prophecy and his skill in law and we must not forget the women, Hallgerður, Gunnar´s beautiful and dangerous wife or Hildigunnur who is the primus motor behind the great burning of house and people in the late part of the Njál´s Saga.

Why not take a trip through the medieval world in the Saga Centre and meet "the complication of goodwill and ill-fate, wisdom and failure" as one of Iceland's most famous scholars described the world of Njál´s Saga.


860 Hvolsvöllur
Tel. 487 8781