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Reykjavik Energy

Reykjavík Energy and Gallery 100°

Reykjavík Energy is a large energy company founded in the year 1999 when Reykjavik District Heating, Reykjavík Municipal District Heating and Reykjavík Waterworks a year later, merged into one. The company produces and distributes electricity, hot and cold water and serves a large population in Iceland every day.

Reykjavík Energy also plays an important cultural role because in their headquarters at Bæjarhálsi they have opened remarkable lecture facility and gallery featuring diverse occurrences all year around. These new facilities offer a lot of opportunities and encourage artists, scholars and scientist in their speciality as well as being educational and fun for the public.

The facilities have been created in Reykjavík Energy's new premises and they work in cooperation with cultural institutions, individuals and groups in the arts and sciences departments. Their showroom, gallery 100°, offers various exhibitions and lectures, where guests can discover innovations in the field of technology, science, architecture, design and culture, to name a few. The 100 exhibition space informal board, consisting of artists and scientists is responsible for the basic conception of the gallery's strategy and recommends particular exhibitions.

The possibilities are endless and Reykjavík Energy will continue to advance as the time passes and present exciting works and projects. It is definitely a cultural forum worth noticing.


Bæjarhálsi 1
110 Reykjavík
Tel. 516 6000