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National Museum of Iceland

National Museum of Iceland

The National Museum of Iceland has a long history and has played an important part in the Icelandic culture since it was first established in the year 1863. Now the museum has been extensively refurbished and offers an adventurous insight into the Icelandic history and its heritage in a stylish and modern building at Sudurgata in Reykjavík. The housing and the exhibitions meet modern standards and appeal to various groups as the emphasis is on diversity and every effort is made to offer something for everyone to enjoy.

The permanent exhibition, Making of a Nation - Heritage and History in Iceland is presented in the main galleries on the second and third floors. Here the past meets the future and the visitor can explore how Iceland, its culture and society, developed from the early settlers in the late 9th century up to the modern days. Extensive research is necessary for an exhibition of this size and everyone who has contributed to making this a reality deserves a big credit. The exhibition contains about 2.000 artefacts from all periods of Icelandic history as well as numerous photographs from the 20th century, all carefully selected. Various forms of multimedia are used to educate and inspire the visitor who can both choose to walk through time or follow special themes through the exhibition, but all is well marked and explained. With this exhibition, the National Museum aims to connect the visitor with past generations in Iceland and illuminate how a single nation came into being over the period of nearly 1200 years. Strolling around this exhibition is an incredible experience and ideal for everyone who is interested in Iceland and its history.

But this isn't the only thing the National Museum has to offer. In addition to the permanent exhibition there are the Arc Hall and the National Gallery of Photography, where various special exhibitions are featured, both Icelandic and foreign. The museum houses the largest collection of photographs in the country. There is also a classroom used to educate children, a lecture hall, and on the ground floor is the museum shop. There you can buy all kinds of goods and handicrafts which the museum produces. That includes cards, games, jewellery, diverse selection of books and other interesting gifts, inspired by items in the museum. Next to the shop is the museum café where you can relax afterwards and get some refreshments. Guided tours are also on offered. You won't regret a day in this fun, and interesting museum.


Sudurgata 41
101 Reykjavík
Tel. 530 2200