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Art Gallery Fold

Art Gallery Fold

Art Gallery Fold has the finest selection of contemporary Icelandic art available in Iceland. Located at the three biggest shopping areas Art Gallery Fold makes it easy for everyone to enjoy and acquire Icelandic contemporary art. We pride ourselves in selling good art by recognized Icelandic artists at a reasonable price.

In our main gallery on Raudarárstígur we always have a wide selection of oil paintings, aquarelles, pastels, prints, sculptures and textiles.

The gallery is divided into two departments. On one hand you will find works by artists currently working in Iceland and on the other hand you will find works by the pioneers of the Icelandic art world.

There is an exhibition room in the gallery called the "Baksalurinn" and it hosts around 14 private exhibitions every year. "Rauða stofan" is a small room convenient for showcases, smaller exhibitions and introductions of artists. "Ljósfold" is the newest exhibition room dedicated to photography.

Art Gallery Fold on Raudarárstígur is also an auctions house. Auctions are held on regular basis, three to four times a year. Items to be auctioned are on display for three days prior to the auctions and a catalogue is published both on print as well as on the Internet.

Art Gallery Fold provides appraisal and valuations of Icelandic art work for estate planning or insurance purposes.

In Kringlan Shopping Mall we offer a fine selection of ceramics, glass and smaller to medium size pictures. If you are looking for the perfect gift a visit to our Shopping Mall gallery is a pleasant beginning. Art Gallery Fold is located on 1st floor of the Kringlan Shopping Mall and you will be welcomed with a smile and a cup of coffee if you like.

Framing services
Art Gallery Fold has a new, fully equipped framing workshop and offers a full range framing service. A reception is at the galleries and all frames are custom made.

Shipping, packing and handling
All our galleries offer a packing and shipping services worldwide via FedEx or a courier of your choice. It only takes 24 hours to ship a package to Europe and Northern America and your art work is fully insured all of the way. We can also gift wrap the package for you.

Icelandic art -Exciting to own and behold!
Just over a hundred years ago, Iceland's first painters were graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen. This fact may explain why most Icelandic art can be labelled as "modern art".

Of this first generation of Icelandic painters, Jóhannes S. Kjarval is the best known. His contemporaries include Þórarinn B. Þorláksson, Ásgrím Jónsson, Jón Stefánsson and Kristín Jónsdóttir. Wellknown Icelandic artist of the past few decads were Louisa Matthíasdóttir andNína Tryggvadóttir who both worked in America. Others of that same period were Gunlagur Scheving, Gunnlaugur Blöndal and Þorvaldur Skúlason.

Reykjavík has a plehora of art galleries: The National Gallery of Iceland primarily features Icelandic art. The Ásgrímur Jónsson Collection is named after the artist and features his work. Kjarvalsstaðir is a god place to see the work of Jóhannes S. Kjarval, and a variety of other interesting exhibitions are to be found there as well. The Harbour House features the works of Erró, possibly Iceland's bestknown contemporary painter. The works of sculptors Einar Jónsson, Ásmundur Sveinsson and Sigurjón Ólafsson have their respective galleries, each of which definitely merits a visit.

Art Gallery Fold, located at Rauðarárstigur 14, is by far Iceland's largest gallery, with an exemplary variety of works by over 200 artists from every generation. Art Gallery Fold also has a branch in the Kringlan Shopping Mall where the emphasis is on fine art in convenient sizes, suitable as gifts.


Rauðarárstígur 14-16
105 Reykjavík
Tel. 551 0400