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Summer at Árbæjarsafn - Reykjavík City Museum.

Árbæjarsafn was established by the City of Reykjavík in 1957 as an open-air museum to preserve and show selected old houses. The museum is built around the old farm of Árbær but most of the houses there are originally from the center of Reykjavík.

The museum’s aim is to give the public an idea of the architecture and the lifestyle of the past.

During the summer the museum holds various exhibitions, visitor's programs and different kinds of activities. Everyone should be able to find some interesting exhibits at the museum, showing the life and work of past generations. Several houses dating from the 19th century have been furnished and various workshops can be seen in many of the houses, such as a workshop of a goldsmith and a printing press. Visitors are also welcomed to the exhibition History of Reykjavík - from Farm to City, which takes place in one of the old buildins, and focuses on the development of the community from the settlement in the 9th century until the year 2000.

Shops where sweets and souvenirs can be bought are inside the museum area and refreshements are available in "Dillons House".

Information about opening hours and admissions can be found at


by Kistuhylur
110 Reykjavík
Tel. 577 1111